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1996 Research Funded by YTCAF

Each year the AKC Canine Health Foundation send the YTCA Foundation a list of grant requests for funding that they have screened and think would be of interest to breeders and owners of Yorkshire Terriers as well as dog fanciers in general. As an independent entity spun off from the Parent club to preserve our tax exempt status, the YTCAF receives no financial support from the YTCA's participating in efforts such as the Purina Circles program. Instead all of our funding comes from memorials made by individual donors and fund raising efforts such as the online auctions and breeding calendar sales.

The Board members carefully considered these factors in each of the requests in order to optimize research dollars:

  1. Potential of the research to benefit Yorkshire Terriers in particular and all dogs in general.

  2. Previous research success of the primary investigators

  3. Use of the grant project to help veterinary students, new veterinarians and academicians get started in their chosen field of research (Acorn projects).

The Board voted to support the following CHF grants for 1998 through 2002.


Liver Shunt Testing


Michigan State University