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2015 Express Updates

February 2015 – Express Article


The Foundation’s primary over all mission is “to support and promote research into hereditary and other diseases of Yorkshire Terriers and other breeds of dogs.” Every year the Board diligently seeks out research being done that will address the conditions that were identified in the 2006 Health Survey.

Chart II below is a summarization of the research the Foundation has supported through the years. It shows both the grants that have been supported through American Kennel Club – Canine Health Foundation (AKC-CHF) and Morris Animal Foundation (MAF). Chart II only shows the grants our Foundation supported. Additionally, the Foundation has also supported other research projects including the Five and Seven Year Rabies Challenge Fund as well as supporting a veterinary student at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine one year, among others.


CHF Grants
(click to enlarge)

First shown in Chart II is the funding amounts required for each of the grants listed which has been awarded to the Principal Investigator by CHF or MAF. Next is shown the amount of the YTCAF’s support for each of the grants; the amount in the yellow rectangle is for CHF and in the orange rectangle is for MAF. When a grant is supported, it is supported for the entire “Project Dates” of that particular grant. Also, please note the summary in the bottom row shows the total amount of grants the YTCAF is supporting in each particular year.

It is interesting also to note how many grants have been supported from the Foundation’s funds and how that money was spent to support the specific health conditions. To show this breakdown, please review the following charts which are numbered Chart III for Research Per Cent Spent Per Health Conditions; and, Chart IV for Total Number of grants supported.


health grant chart


health grant chart #4

For example, in Chart III – 39% of our available funds that supported Liver Shunt research was on 11 grants (Chart IV); 20% of funds for Cancer research was to support 6 grants; 11% of funds for Rabies Challenge was to support two research projects, etc.



2014 Income and Expense Chart

As can be seen in Chart I are the current year’s estimated income and expenses (as of October) broken down in percentage by resources for the income and percentage of how expenses were addressed.


As 2014 comes to an close, the Foundation is pleased to have had two successful auctions and we have sponsored another grant on Liver Shunt and Liver Disease that looks very promising.

The Foundation Board also has been discussing a grant with a Researcher that may lead us to finding a genetic marker for Collapsed Trachea. This is exciting news and we will be providing you with more information on this in the weeks to come. In the 2006 Health Survey, Collapsed Trachea was the #1 health concern of Yorkshire Terrier breeders and fanciers and it is certainly a large concern for many of the other Toy dog breeds as well. Stay tuned for more information on this in the near future as right now it is on “hold”.