YTCAF Donor Program

You can make a memorial to remember a very special friend or special pet or you can honor someone or their accomplishments or just make a donation via our donor program.  You can:

  • Make a donation by check or money order, using this form, mailed to our Treasurer at:
    Gloria Lyon, Treasurer
    YTCA Foundation
    526 N West Avenue PMB 46
    Arlington, WA 98223
  • Donate by using our Pay Pal donate button
  • Donate books, figurines, art, or other goods or services of value that YTCAF can auction at our yearly auctions
  • Support our various fund raising projects

If you have any questions or would like more information or have any suggestions for how we can improve our site, please do not hesitate to contact us with those suggestions.

2017 Officers and Directors of the YTCAF




Mary Trimble (VA - 2018)

Corresponding Secretary

Sharon McCadam (WA - 2020)
2901 East Section Street
Mount Vernon, WA 98274-6101
Phone: (360) 428-3600

Vice President

Doreen Hubbard (WA - 2020)

Recording Secretary

Gloria Bloch Robinson (FL - 2019)


Gloria Lyon (WA-2018)



Neil (Kim) Feerrar (PA - 2018)

Cynthia Garrett (FL - 2020)

Linda Grimm (FL - 2018)

Suzette M. Heider (OH - 2020)

Janet Jackson (CA - 2019)

Susan Lingevitch (VA - 2018)

Cookie Rogan (LA - 2018)

Jennifer White (FL - 2020)

Consultants to the Board

Robbe C. Lyon, Ph.D.

Deloras Maas

Larry Snyder, DVM

Nicholas J. Valenti, DVM