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Accomplishments of the YTCA Foundation
for the Year 2017

The year 2017 found the Yorkshire Club of America Foundation continuing with the YTCA Parent Club to co-fund the Simpson PLE research project at Cornell University. These funds will be used in research to try to identify the genetic factors that would enable the development of a genetic marker based risk test for our Yorkshire Terriers along with developing a more effective treatment. This would allow breeders to make informed decisions with the intent of eliminating YT-PLE. Determining how candidate genes cause PLE would greatly facilitate the development of more effective treatments.


"Protein-losing enteropathy (PLE) is a severe, life threatening condition in dogs. It is most often a consequence of one or more intestinal diseases including inflammatory bowel disease, lymphoma and lymphangiectasia (dilation of intestinal lymphatics). Yorkshire Terriers are predisposed to development of PLE. Yorkies have up to 10 times the risk for developing PLE as other breeds. Although PLE affects other breeds, it appears that the condition in Yorkshire Terriers may be unique. Intestinal lymphangiectasia has been identified as a cause of PLE in Yorkies in addition to abnormal structures in the intestinal mucosa referred to as crypt cysts. Given the breed-specific familial nature of chronic intestinal diseases and PLE in dogs in general, it is very likely there is a genetic component to PLE in Yorkies (YT-PLE)."

Dr. Kenneth Simpson Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Our Foundation’s President, Mary Trimble received confirmation the end of January, 2018 from the AKC Canine Health Foundation, who informed her, Dr. Kenneth Simpson’s Grant Proposal has been approved by AKC-CHF and in the early stages of finalization.  With this news, once finalized, the Foundation and YTCA will be proceeding with our obligatory pledged support of jointly funding this grant project.

Revenue from donations (restricted/PLE and unrestricted), memorials, auction and Etsy sales produced an income of $7,663.85 for the year.  Our expenses incurred were $1,303.04.  The breakdown of income and expenses is shown on the following pie charts.  The Financial Committee continues to budget priorities and allocation of funds with the approval of the Board members.

YTCA Foundation 2017 Income

YTCA Foundation 2017 Expenses

Due to unforeseen circumstances we did not have our yearly YTCA Foundation Online Auction.  We are tentatively planning it for February or early March 2018.  We are very fortunate to obtain generous donations from estates of fanciers and former collectors.  The online auction is our biggest source of annual revenue, so we are always delighted with donations from our supporters of the Yorkshire Terrier.  If you wish to donate an item contact Linda Grimm at

The YTCA Foundation will continue its fundraising efforts with the two new methods (Ebay and Etsy).  Total sales for Etsy for 2017 were $278.51 and though items were listed on Ebay unfortunately nothing sold.  Fundraising efforts for 2018 will include a social media approach with an emphasis on advertising, sales, and auctions.  We will continue to use Facebook to promote special items and as a platform for sales.  The inventory for this year includes a fresh round of Yorkie items and some never-before-seen vintage items that will be offered at a special price. Another source of income in 2017 was our clearance auction where we raised $514.50.

The Foundation continues the use of the charitable organization Amazon Smile.  Amazon Smile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you.  On your first visit to Amazon Smile ( you need to select the Foundation as your charitable organization to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping.  The site will remember your designation and then every time you shop through will result in a donation.

In September, due to Hurricane Irma the Central Florida Yorkshire Terrier Club Specialty was cancelled.  We were unable to display our goals, health info, and research being supported by the Foundation and have our small yearly auction.  Cynthia Garrett, Vice President of the CFYTC is looking forward to displaying our information this coming September. 

During the month of December, the YTCA Foundation Informational Board was on display at the AKC “Meet the Breeds” Yorkshire Terrier booth at the AKC National Championship Dog Show held in Orlando, Florida on December 15 and 16.  Brochures were available on the PLE Research and for purchases.  Gloria Bloch-Robinson and Jennifer White shared our info with many interested and excited visitors.

We are looking forward to a successful 2018 as we move forward to a healthier future for our Yorkshire Terriers.  Step by step, dollar by dollar, grant by grant, the YTCA Foundation continues to support research seeking answers to problems within our breed.  We welcome your comments, questions, and of course any donation you may wish to contribute.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated. 

Mary Trimble, President
Doreen Hubbard, Vice President
Gloria Lyon, Treasurer
Sharon McCadam, Secretary
Gloria Bloch-Robinson, Recording Secretary

Neil Feerrar , Cynthia Garrett, Linda Grimm, Suzette Heider, Janet Jackson
Susan Lingevitch, Cookie Rogan, Jennifer White

Dr. Larry Snyder, DVM; Dr. Nick Valenti, DVM;
Robbe Lyon,PhD, Deloras Maas