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Accomplishments of the YTCA Foundation
for the Year 2014

The YTCA Foundation had a very productive and active year accomplishing many goals and planning more for the future.  We chose “Yorkie Dental Health”for our 2014 theme as we are finding that many Yorkshire Terriers suffer from different oral diseases that result in early tooth loss and additional diseases.

In April, the Foundation continued the second of a series of educational webinars under the direction of La Donna Reno. To continue our 2014 theme – “Yorkie Dental Health” - Dr. Brook A. Niemiec presented a program on CANINE DENTAL HEALTH. Dr. Niemiec credentials include the following: Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College, Fellow, Academy of Veterinary Dentistry, Immediate past President, Academy of Veterinary Dentistry, Southern California Veterinary Dental Specialties, San Diego Vet Dental Training Center and Practical Veterinary Publishing. Dr. Niemiec explained how the lack of dental care can  be the cause of heart disease, blood disorders, seizures, and gastro problems for our dogs. Information was given on where and how to seek expert dental care in repair of accidental damage, diagnosis of mouth/gum disease, or regular maintenance. After the webinar there followed a very informative question and answer session. This was a very successful webinar with 77 (attendees) signed up including a group from overseas. We hope to continue exploring this avenue of education for our Yorkshire Terrier owners.

For 2014 the YTCAF chose to support two studies. The first grant funded was $5,000, MAF D14CA-307: Gene Variants and their Function in Extrahepatic Portosystemic Shunts in Dogs/ Dr. Frank G. van Steenbeck, DVM, Ph.D, Utrecht University in The Netherlands. Extrahepatic portosystemic shunt is a congenital liver disorder that results in severely impaired liver growth and atrophy of hepatocytes, leading to reduced hepatic function and eventual death. The disorder occurs frequently in small dog breeds and has a proven genetic background. Two chromosomal regions have been shown to be associated with the disorder. Eight genes are found in these regions, two of which have been proven to be involved in the formation of vascular structures during embryogenesis in zebrafish. The investigators will clarify the gene mutations that cause extrahepatic portosystemic shunt by using next generation sequencing techniques and then researchers expect to develop a DNA test to assist breeders in eradicating this severe disease in several dog breeds. The findings may also provide insight into other chronic progressive liver diseases.

The second grant funded was $3,000, Rabies Challenge Fund. Two anonymous dog lovers agreed to a $12,500 matching gift to the Rabies Challenge Fund and we were delighted to take advantage of the match and support this important research. The Foundation has supported the Rabies Challenge since inception.  The Rabies Challenge Fund recently received the commitment from a USDA-approved facility to perform the first of the challenge phases of 5 and 7 year studies. The important announcement stated the research was undertaken to determine, by challenge, the rabies vaccine’s long-term duration of immunity in dogs and to establish the world’s first canine rabies titer standard. This research was undertaken with Dr. W. Jean Dodds, DVM with Hemopet and Dr. Ronald Schultz, DVM University of Wisconsin. It is hoped that the results will benefit all dogs and can be available in early 2015.

The Board established a Financial Committee to plan next year’s budget priorities and how to allocate funds to accomplish the goals with the approval of the Board members. This Committee was chaired by our Treasurer. It was estimated that the 2014 donations, memorials, and auctions would produce a possible income of $5,611 and the Foundation’s 2014 expenses are estimated to be $8,937. The breakdown of income and expenses are shown in the following pie charts. 

Chart I

2014 YTCAF Income

Based on looking at the Foundation’s income and expenses over the last ten years this appears to be what is averaged each year. Therefore, it was determined to increase the 2015 budget by an additional 10 per cent. Doing this allows for $7,800 to be spent on Research, $1,200 on Education, and $635 on Administrative costs; totaling a 2015 Budget of roughly $9,700. Hopefully with our economy this goal can be achieved. Of course, if an exceptional grant appears, we will be able to draw from our reserves if the Board so chooses.

In the late Summer and early Fall two successful online YTCA Foundation Auctions were held. We were fortunate this year in obtaining items from three estates which prompted us to have the second “special” auction. Many lovely items were purchased by lucky bidders. A special thank you to our generous supporters who placed bids and donated the wonderful items.  Anyone wishing to donate items please contact Linda Grimm at

At the Central Florida Yorkshire Terrier Club Specialty Show held in Orlando, Florida in September an table auction along with the YTCA Foundation information board and brochures were on display in the main showroom with many visitors/exhibitors expressing interest in the works of the Foundation. A deluxe whelping kit, a “Yorkie Fairy Tree” from which hung hand-blown glass Yorkshire Terrier ornaments, an elegant crown show bow along with a beautiful satin bed donated by Carole De LaPenna were available for the Foundation's silent auction.  “Smoky the War Dog” books were also available. Proceeds supported the Canine Cancer Fund. Gloria donated a one of a kind sculpture by Yvonne Badoni from a design by Elissa Taddie which was prominently displayed and raffled, with proceeds of $800 equally divided between the Canine Cancer Research Fund, and the American Cancer Society in memory of a CFYTC club member, Denna Walts.

Informational brochures regarding the Foundation were also displayed at the Eukanuba Dog Shows in Orlando during December at the "YTCA Meet the Breeds" booth.

The StarGazer, a quarterly newsletter was initiated in an effort to distribute timely information to Yorkshire Terrier breeders and supporters.

Three respected members of the network of Yorkshire Terrier breeders have agreed to serve as “Consultants” on the Foundation lending us their experience and knowledge.  We welcome and thank Dr. Larry Snyder, Robbe C. Lyons, PhD, and Dr. Nicholas Valenti, for graciously agreeing to serve our Board as consultants. First is Dr. Larry Snyder, former Yorkshire Terrier breeder and the first President of the YTCA Foundation, graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University, certified in-house Stem Cell Technologist with MediVet-America, a member of the AVMA, KVMA, and AHMVA; Second is Dr. Robbe Lyons whose current credentials include Mount Rainier Yorkshire Terrier Club President, a Breeder of Merit, and Lynworth Yorkshire Terriers; and third is Dr. Nick Valenti who is a current YTCA member, serves on the YTCA Health Committee, a graduate of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University with additional training done at Tennessee Veterinary College with special focus in Opthalmology. He is also a member of the LIVMA, NYSVMA, and AVMA. In addition, Nick is a Leaders 2000 member for NYSVMA. Both are former members of the YTCA Foundation Board.

The Foundation is pleased to announce the election of Jennifer White of Bricriu Kennels as a new member to the board. Jennifer is a member of several kennel clubs and specialty clubs. She is the Yorkshire Terrier Eukanuba “Meet The Breeds” coordinator, works with local rescue groups and local animal boards. She has served in the capacity of President, Board Member, and Chairman and is a third generation small show breeder and exhibitor.

We are looking forward to a successful 2015 as we move forward to a healthier future for our Yorkshire Terriers. Step by step, dollar by dollar, grant by grant, the YTCA Foundation continues to education and support research seeking answers to problems within our breed.  We welcome your comments, questions, and of course any donations you may wish to contribute. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.