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2014 Express Updates

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October 2014

In 1991 when the Foundation began, there was an epidemic of liver disease amongst Yorkshire Terriers. Only a few Veterinarians were actually looking into its origin because they were attempting to save the lives of the affected animals. Since then, there have been several research studies and the Foundation has supported nine (9) grants involving liver shunt or disease. We have spent countless dollars for these studies. The goal has always been to try and find a genetic marker or something that will help breeders make intelligent breeding decisions that would prevent these devastating liver diseases.

We have recently pledged our support for the following grant with Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) which appears to be very promising:

MAF D14CA – 307
Gene Variants and Their Function in Extrahepatic Portosystemic Shunts in Dogs
Frank G. van Seenbeek, DVM, PhD
Utrecht University, The Netherlands

If this grant is successful, a genetic DNA test will be developed which can be instrumental in the prevention of this condition. The grant will also investigate the involvement of the causative genes and their roles in other diseases characterized by abnormal changes in the blood system. If the test is successful, it could possibly eradicate severe liver disease in several breeds of dogs including the Yorkshire Terrier. It may also provide ways to intervene in incurable liver diseases. The project started back in 2008 when these researchers set out to map genes involved in Extrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (EHPSS) in Cairn Terriers and they narrowed down the regions of interest with cases from other breeds including Yorkshire Terriers. From the studies, they selected one gene which they proved to be involved in blood vessel formation in Zebrafish. The risk genes are common in the majority of the breeds included in this study confirming the presence of mutations older than breed formation. 

Zebrafish you ask? What does a dog breed disease have in common with a Zebrafish. It turns out Zebrafish are ideal models for studying human diseases. The genomes between species are quite similar. 84% have Zebrafish analogues. Zebrafish produce in great numbers and mature rapidly. Since the fish have transparent bodies, internal changes can be visualized without requiring dissection. 

Utrecht University has a great reputation for research. Their labs are spread out – so much so—the researches travel on bicycles to get from place to place.

Rabies Challenge Fund>
W. Jean Dodds, DVM and Ronald Schultz, DVM<

Since 2007, the Foundation has supported the Rabies Challenge with $12,500 (some matching funds). The Rabies Challenge is a huge success story. Phase I has just proved that the Rabies vaccine lasts a minimum of five (5) years and the current Phase II Challenge is to prove it lasts for at least seven years (7). The Rabies shot is the most powerful of veterinary vaccines. None of us wants to over vaccinate our animals and the Rabies vaccine has been known to have severe reactions -- seizures, paralysis, crippling, and even death. The Foundation is pleased to again contribute to the Phase II Challenge. Several states have changed their laws from an annual Rabies shot requirement to a three year vaccine since the Challenge began.

New Board Member

The Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of a new member to our board: Jennifer White, Bricriu Kennels, Florida. Jennifer is a member of several kennel clubs and specialty clubs. She is the Yorkie Eukanuba Meet the Breeds Coordinator, she works with local rescue groups and local animal boards. She has served in the capacity of President, Board Member, and Chairman. Jennifer is a third generation small show breeder and exhibitor. She began in Hounds and Sporting breeds before Toys and has a great understanding of the importance of health in our breed and the canine world as well. Welcome Jennifer to our Board of Directors.

April 2014


The YTCA Foundation had a very active and productive 2013 with many accomplishments and more planned for the future.

The Foundation produced the first of a series of educational webinars, under the direction of LaDonna Reno. Dr. Larry Snyder presented a program on "ADIPOSE OF STEM CELL THERAPY – THE NEW FRONTIER". Dr. Snyder, a former Yorkshire Terrier Breeder and the first President of the YTCA Foundation, is a graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University and a member of the AVMA, KVMA, and AHMVA. He is also a certified in-house Stem Cell Technologist with MediVet-America, having completed over fifty in-house adult stem cell procedures. During the Webinar, Dr. Snyder lectured on the use of adipose (i.e., fat) stem cells as a new alternative treatment for different body injuries followed by a question and answer session. The webinar was well attended and included participants from overseas.

For 2013, the YTCA Foundation chose to join the AKC Canine Health Foundation's campaign to fight canine cancer. The Board voted to support this initiative with a total donation of $10,000 divided between two individual grants. The campaign recognized that the threat of cancer is not breed specific and that we all have known Yorkshire Terriers who tragically succumbed to this disease. Several studies conducted in the UK indicated that cancer is one of the top concerns of all dog owners. Because research of this magnitude is very expensive, and there are relatively few grant proposals directed specifically to our breed, the Board felt that this research would certainly benefit Yorkshire Terriers in the long run. The two grants supported were of particular significance because they represented one of the few times when human medicine investigators joined canine specialists, and as a result these studies will help humans as well as their dogs. There was not an individual on the Board whose life had not been touched in some way by either a family member/friend or dog who suffered from cancer.

As a part of the YTCAF's campaign to raise the funds, the Board obtained the permission of Bill Wynne to use "Smoky", the War Dog Hero, as the poster girl for the Foundation in its efforts to find a cure for Canine Cancer. We designed Smoky/Canine Cancer advertisements that were placed in various breed magazines, E Express, and Specialty catalogs.

The first grant funded for 2013 was AKC-CHF 01918-G – Discovery of Novel Protein, Blood, and Epigenetic Biomarkers of Lymphoma Risk, Classification, and Prognosis in Golden Retrievers/Jeffery N. Bryan, DVM, University of Missouri Columbia. The second grant was AKC-CHF 01889-G – Developing Markers to Diagnose and Guide Cancer Treatment in Golden Retrievers Based on Newly Discovered Heritable and Acquired Mutations/Jaime F. Modiano, VMD, PhD, University of Minnesota. We will eagerly await the first preliminary results of this research and they will be posted on the YTCAF website when they become available.

In November 2013, the YTCAF Board voted unanimously to choose the topic of Yorkie Dental Health as the theme for 2014 because so many Yorkshire Terriers suffer from different oral diseases that result in early tooth loss. More information will be available very soon on the grant that has been funded and the educational efforts that we as a Board hope to support in the near future.

The Foundation's "Reaching for the Stars" program continues to recognize people who donate to the program supporting ongoing studies. An article on the YTCA Foundation appeared in January 2013 issue of Top Notch Toy Magazine entitled, "YTCA Foundation's Goal: Taking Steps for the Future by 'Reaching for the Stars'".

Several of the Foundation directors were a part of the "Welcome Party" at the Central Florida Yorkshire Terrier Club Specialty in May, where an informational display board along with reports designed by Cynthia Garrett highlighted the activities of the Foundation. A small survey provided the Foundation with concerns that the breeders have on the health of the Yorkshire Terriers. Some of these concerns were previously studied without coming to a firm conclusion and remain under review. New concerns will be addressed as soon as researchers can be identified and contacted. A large table auction and the display board were placed in the main showroom at the CFYTC Specialty and at the YTCA Roving Specialty held in Memphis, in September, with many visitors expressing interest in the work of the Foundation.

Our "Smoky" Canine Cancer advertisement was prominently displayed at the AKC - Eukanuba National show in Orlando in December, where the Yorkshire Terrier was shown in all it glory at AKC's "Meet the Breeds" in the show ring, obedience trial, ratter pit, agility trial, and therapy dog program. This display was included with the YTCA booth which placed 4th in the competition.

A memorial has been placed on the website honoring YTCA past president, Carl Yochum, and many people and Specialty clubs expressed their condolences and made donations in his memory. Memorials are always accepted for beloved humans or animals and acknowledged on our website and these expressions of sympathy are also promptly acknowledged to the loved one's family.

Our fall online YTCA Foundation auction was another resounding success with many bidders taking part. Some wonderful donations from supporters proved exquisite items.

We are looking forward to a successful 2014 as we move forward to a healthier future for our Yorkshire Terriers. Step by step, dollar by dollar, grant by grant, the YTCA Foundation continues to support research seeking answers to problems within our breed. The continued support of the YTCA and Yorkie breeders and enthusiasts is greatly appreciated and very much needed.