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Express Updates

December 2012 – Express Article

Over the past twenty years, dog fanciers have taken a deeper look into the physical and neurological problems within their breeds.  Our Foundation funds research grants which look for the causes and solutions of problems within our breed -- problems that not only exist today, but can affect the future health and welfare of our dogs.One step at a time, one challenge at a time, we Reach for the Stars. **

Each year, the Foundation evaluates grants and researches health issues that have so far escaped definitive causes and/or solutions.  These grants are reviewed by our board members to determine which are the most beneficial to our breed. The members carefully consider several factors in each grant in order to maximize research dollars. They look first at the potential of the research to benefit Yorkshire Terriers in particular and all dogs in general. Next, we consider the previous success of the research conducted by the principal investigators.  The Foundation also supports grants which help new veterinarians, veterinarian students and academicians get started in their chosen field of research.  

Because one of the two grants we voted to sponsor this year was discontinued and we had a budget for two grants, the Grants Committee and the Board went back to the drawing board to see what else may be available and of interest. We are pleased to announce that we have now agreed to sponsor:

01731:   Potential association between altered gut microbiota and development of meningoencephalogyelitis of unknown etiology (MUE) in dogs

This grant is for $31,104 with AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF). The Researcher is Dr. Nick Jeffery, BVSc. Iowa State University, and will run from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2014. It intends to benefit several breeds, including the Yorkshire Terrier. This project is aimed at finding a cause of meningoencephalomyelitis of unknown etiology, otherwise known as 'MUE." which is a summary term for diseases such as 'GME.' This group of conditions causes serious neurologic disease in dogs, especially small breeds, including blindness, loss of balance, seizures and paralysis -- but the cause is currently unknown. A recent experimental breakthrough has incriminated bacteria in the digestive system as triggers for a similar disease in laboratory mice and rats. The main purpose of the project is to find out whether imbalances in the number or type of digestive system bacteria might also be a cause for MUE in dogs. If it is true, it would open a whole new avenue of approach to treatment of affected dogs and might also produce information useful for treating neurologic disease in humans. To carry out this investigation, the numbers will be compared as well as the type of bacteria with what they find in fecal samples from unaffected dogs. Since they will be examining many dogs with MUE, they can ask their owners other questions about their dogs' recent medications and medical history to determine whether there are other risk factors that might be associated with MUE.

This area of research is also under investigation by NC State and UFL because they, too, have found some evidence of bacterial association with MUE. The Researcher, Dr. Nicholas Jeffery, received his BVSc from the University of Bristol (1981) and his PhD from the University of Cambridge (1997) as well as numerous other Certificates and Diplomas. Dr. Jeffrey has been a lecturer and senior lecturer in Clinical Neurology at the University of Cambridge from 2000 and until 2011. He was also their Professor of Veterinary Clinical Studies. Currently, he is a Professor of Veterinary Clinical Science at Iowa State University. His vitae is quite impressive and because this disease effects our breed, we have decided to lend our monetary support to the project.

The Foundation is very fortunate to have such a hard-working and dedicated TEAM. Our grants committee is chaired by Jacqueline "Jackie" Spencer who is well versed in scientific research. Jackie is an Assistant Professor of Biology with a background in animal behavior and comparative medicine research. Besides teaching microbiology, she is currently working on a National Science Foundation grant. She tries to pair up the Yorkie health issues of most interest to breeders and owners with the current grants that need funding. Besides looking at the research methodology for grants under consideration, she also looks into the background of the principal investigators to determine their previous research successes.

One of our newest board members, Cynthia "Cindy" Garrett just completed an excellent article on the Foundation for Top Notch Toys (TNT) magazine.  The issue will highlight the Yorkshire Terrier. Some of the excellent points she made are included here. In conclusion, as Cindy put it so well, in the final analysis, our most important aspects are to continue research and find cures for the better health of the Yorkshire Terriers we all love. For the love of the breed, let's all Research for the Stars!  ** 

 **  Researching for the Stars is one of our most successful annual projects. Each level is determined by the donation. Diamond Star -- over $3,000, Platinum Star -- $3,000 to $2,001, Gold Star -- $2,000 to $1,001, Silver Star -- $1,000 to $101, and Bronze Star -- $100 and under. Each donation of $100 or more receives a beautiful YTCAF pin. For those interested in donating, please contact Gloria Robinson, who most ably chairs this project and who designed the beautiful YTCAF pin. Every dollar is a step toward a healthier future for our Yorkshire Terriers.

September 2012 Express Article

Earlier this year, the Royal Veterinary College at the University of London published on their website “VetCompass” their findings on the Longevity of UK Dog Breeds (authors: O’Neill, Church, McGreevy, Thomson and Brodbelt). Pulling their data from over 90 different small animal practices in the UK between 2007 and 2011, the authors identified the average longevity of the most popular breeds plus the frequency of reasons for canine deaths in this period. Topping the list at #1 was Cancer followed by Musculoskeletal problems and then Neurological problems at #4.

Using this study as the basis for our determination of the top two grants that we want to support for 2012, the YTCA Foundation researched and voted on the grants from AKC/Canine Health Foundation and Morris Animal Foundation that were current, needed funding, and would ultimately benefit Yorkshire Terriers. Our top picks were AKC/CHF Oak Grant #01585: Phase I Study of Involved-Field Radiotherapy (IFRT) for Advanced Stage Canine Lymphoma and MAF D10CA-406 Mapping Genes Associated with Inflammatory Brain Disorder in Dogs.

Most dog owners do not realize that lymphoma is one of the most common canine cancers comprising over 25 per cent of reported cases. Dr. Michael Deveau, DVM, MS of the Texas A&M Research Foundation reported that while chemotherapy will generate remission, it does not last long. Therefore survival rates are low. Because lymphomas are susceptible to radiation treatments, his study is focusing on the IFRT technique used in human medicine that targets cancerous tissue while leaving healthy cells alone. Because IFRT will soon be generally available in veterinary medicine, Dr. Deveau will be assessing the effectiveness of this technique in treating canine lymphoma. This could be a breakthrough in the successful treatment of canine lymphoma, hopefully generating remission of the cancer but also providing longevity of life.

There was strong sentiment among the YTCA Foundation Board members to the genetic study of Inflammatory Brain Disorder in Dogs, generally referred to as Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis (NME) and the closely associated GME. Dr. Renee Barber, DVM, of the University of Georgia, had been granted a fellowship by MAF to conduct a genetic study of this fatal condition, looking for the similar genetic markers found in afflicted Pugs, Maltese, Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers as well as other small companion dogs. The study was to be finished in the spring of 2013. There has been a lot of support for Dr. Barber’s research from national breed clubs and individuals whose beloved pets had died from this. Therefore the Board was stunned to learn from MAF that Dr. Barber’s research has ended because she has accepted a two-year residency in clinical medicine at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. So the Board will be looking to find other researchers who are taking up the search for the hows, why and wherefores of these terrible diseases.

The Foundation is entirely self-supporting from contributions sent to us by Yorkie breeders and fanciers. Currently, we are engaged in two fund raising projects, our Reaching for the Stars (please contact Gloria Robinson) and our Auction (being conducted by Linda Grimm). We depend on your support so we can continue to fund grants that will make the lives of our dogs healthier.

Lastly, I would like to invite all of you to our new website. There are many paths (Hostings) leading to it but the most popular avenues are

We are very excited about the website and we hope you all will send us your comments or ideas.

June 2012 Express Article

The Foundation’s workload has increased dramatically over the past several years. In 2008, we expanded our board from seven to nine members in an effort to meet these demands. The number of grants we are asked to consider has multiplied many many times and it is extremely difficult now for nine members to accomplish what we need to do. Our By Laws state our purpose: education and research and these terms are ambiguous in describing what we do. Studying grants and educating Yorkshire Terrier fanciers is only a small part of our volunteer jobs. Fundraising and the “how to” is a big area that has many different “limbs. Our auctions, Research for the Stars project, Memorials and the website, to name a few, all take several people and numerous man hours to be successful. So, in order to meet our demands, we decided we needed to expand our board again. But, our By Laws, without amendment, did not allow this to happen. Any of you who have been involved in a club or group which is governed by Roberts Rules of Order know that this can be a complicated procedure. Any YTCA member knows that more than ever right now. So, having amended our By Laws by a majority vote and having followed the procedures required by Missouri Law (where we are incorporated), we have now added three new board members.

It is with great pleasure that we announce our expanded board and new board members:


A YTCA member since 2008, Cynthia is also a member of the Central Florida Yorkshire Terrier Club (CFYTC). Active in their club, she is currently on the Board of Directors, she served as their Hospitality Show Chairman, Advertising Show Chairman, and has been involved in their Rescue and Welcome New Members Committee. She is also a member of the Space Coast Toy Dog Club. Cynthia has a keen interest in health matters concerning the breed and has attended Reproduction and Health-Related Seminars given by many of the experts in their field. She also authored several articles for Top Notch Toy Magazine. Retired from the finance field, Cynthia is an active member of several civic and religious groups.


A YTCA member since 1979, Janet served on their Board for 17 years, six years as President. During her board tenure, she served on several key committees including being Chair of Judges Education and Meet The Breeds. An original organizer of the Foundation and the YTCA Rescue – she was instrumental in making sure your contributions to either group was tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Janet authored a New Owners Guide to the Yorkshire Terrier and has written the AKC Gazette breed column for Yorkshire Terriers for a number of years. Currently, Janet is a member of the Palm Springs KC where she serves as Secretary. She is approved to judge the Toy Group and Poodles. As a professional, Janet was VP of Jackson Ranches, she was a commercial real estate broker, and served on the board of her community bank. She also has voluntarily represented the Foundation on matters when no board member was able to attend.


A member of the YTCA and the Mount Rainer YTC, Patty has owned dogs all of her life. She has trained and cared for police K-9 Dogs as well as Search and Rescue Dogs. A health care professional, she is also concerned about the health and welfare of our breed. She served on active duty with the Army for three years and has been a registered nurse for 26 years. During that time, she worked as an emergency nurse and in educating and training new doctors and nurses. She is also involved in compliance audits.

We are very pleased to add these add these members to our board. Feel free to contact any of us on any matters of concern to you.

March 2012 Express Article

Highlights of 2011

As you know, 2011 was the 20th anniversary of the Foundation. In celebration, the Foundation pledged $20,000 for research in recognition of our 20 years of life. Although with the economy, donations have fallen down considerably, we met our pledged goal and went beyond it. We contributed approximately $25,000 in monies to make the future of our Yorkshire Terriers better.

We changed focus a bit in our funding during 2011. We attempted to gear our support to what will make our dogs healthier as opposed to research to prevent various canine diseases. All the information on the funded grants has been published in the E-Express. Some of the grants were with the AKC Canine Health Foundation and others we supported were with the Morris Animal Foundation. We also took a new direction by funding a veterinary student involved in a heart study at the North Caroline State College of Veterinary Medicine. We continued to direct monies to the rabies Challenge Fund when matching funds were offered. The success of the Challenge can be seen in the change of direction of many states on their laws regarding annual and regularly scheduled Rabies vaccines.

The YTCAF was particularly honored when the Terry Shumsky Fannie Mae Liver Shunt organization made the Foundation the recipient of its treasury. This was a wonderful gift considering the lack of money coming into most charities at this time.

Currently, the Foundation is working on changing our By Laws and expanding the size of our board. We are studying the resumes and outstanding qualifications of several viable candidates and an announcement on these new positions and new Board Members will be forthcoming. We will be holding another fun Action this July as a fund-raising effort. Feel free to contact Linda Grimm with any donations you may have.

As in the past, we welcome your comments, views, and of course donations to the Foundation.